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The coral reef in your gut

The artist Rogan Brown produces art works from paper that explore the similarities between the human microbiome and coral reefs. His piece here from 2018 perfectly illustrates this

Our microbiome (if you are not sure what that is watch this - is very similar to a coral reef were microbes work synergistically for us helping us with: the digestion of food, making vitamins, getting rid of unwanted oestrogen, providing energy for the colon, fermenting food and communicating with the immune system.

We need to feed them the foods thay like to eat. If we eat simple carbohydrates and processed foods (crisps, cakes, biscuits, sugar, white pasta….) we will encourage the growth of unhelpful strains of bacteria, fungus and yeast. This changes the coral reef picture into something that does not promote health and leads to inflammation, leaky gut, malnutrition, immune dysfunction and eventually disease states

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